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The only all-in-one polish that cleans, seals, protects and offers a long lasting, non-porous, UV-protected acrylic barrier for all surfaces.


Cleans, polishes, & protects with a simple to apply process

Restores surfaces to like-new condition and provides long-lasting protection


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Cleans, polishes, and protects with a simple-to-apply process

Provides long-lasting protection to applied surface

Restores most surfaces to a like-new condition and removes all types of oxidation and surface contaminants

Economical and easy to use, requires no special tools

Water-based and environmentally friendly

Non-abrasive...will not scratch the surface or leave swirl marks, even on the most delicate materials

Safe for all painted surfaces, metal, plastic trim, soft rubber seals, glass, chrome, headlamps, hard plastic housings, and much more



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Acrylic-Werks Polish is a product that, when applied as directed, will maintain or restore (to a like-new condition) almost every surface to which it is applied.  Because it is water-based and non-abrasive, it is safe (and recommended) to use in direct sunlight or on a warm to hot surface. 

This polish can be used on both new and used vehicles.  While some  may wonder why you would use it on a new vehicle, the answer is quite simple….you don’t want the appearance or value of your investment to deteriorate over time. The application of this product while the finish is new will greatly aid in preventing clear finish failure, oxidation, and/or sun-damage due to weathering.  If your vehicle has already suffered this damage, make a bold decision by trying a different product that actually werks!  Acrylic-Werks Polish can be used to replace the multitude of products you currently have on the shelf in your garage.  You will have one product that will finally deliver long-term results to your auto, boat, aircraft, motorcycle, RV, and more.

Another difference between this polish and others on the market is that it restores almost every surface to which it is applied, the exceptions being leather and cloth interiors.    Because there are no abrasives, it will not leave swirl marks or micro-abrasion damage. It will maintain or restore all of the surfaces listed under our surface application guide and do this with a single product. The finish is clear, smooth, deep, and durable. It has surpassed some of our toughest clients expectations and standards.  We have personal testimonials of this product lasting over a year with proper care.

In these days of over-hyped products, this may be difficult for some to believe.  However, what we believe is that results speak for themselves.  That is why we have been documenting, via video and photos, the remarkable results on a variety of surfaces.  As always, the demonstrations are performed on vehicles in real time and with no initial preparation.  As proof, please check out our real-time application videos on You Tube www.youtube.com/acrylicwerks  or our pictures on this website.  There is no fancy editing, photo shopping, or fade-in/fade outs.  All you will see is the real application process and the final results.  We have no reason to make bold claims…our product speaks for itself.

With Acrylic-Werks Polish, you have a versatile product that has been on the market for over 15 years, can save you moeny and time by maintaining or restoring a multitude of surfaces, has thousands of satisfied customers, and works as we claim it does.  It’s as simple as that.  We are available to answer your questions via our on-line forum, by email, or our toll-free number.

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