Clay Bar Application Instructions

The clay bar process is an optional step to the basic application instructions.  It is useful for new cars so that you have a long-lasting protective acrylic layer on the finish that will minimize sun-damage and make it much easier to clean off tree sap, bug impacts, or bird droppings, all of which can damage a painted surface.

This optional step is reccommended for customers in areas that are near ocean fronts (salt water), military bases/airports (possible aircraft fuel contamination), snow zones where road salt is used, or in areas where possible overspray can occur.  You will find that the clay process deep cleans the pores of the surface to remove these items and prevents or reduces future occurrences.  

The process is relatively simple and requires a clay bar and a lubricant kit, which are available from our on-line store.  We recommend working a small area (rear deck lid, half of hood, etc.)  to obtain the best results.  Please see the attached videos for a step by step tutorial on how we integrate the the clay bar process with the Acrylic-Werks basic application process. 

PLEASE NOTE: For those clients who have used other clay bars in the past, please view the demonstration video as we have completely changed the standard industry clay application process and rules. 

  1. Apply the Acrylic-Werks polish to the surface as you normally would to give it an initial cleaning.  (do not remove or buff out)
  2. Spray a small amount of the lubricant on the surface.  This is only to help the clay move smoothly over the surface.  The exact amount of lubricant will depend on the surface and how hot it is. (this is perfectly fine to apply in direct sunlight)
  3. Pull the clay bar across the surface in a north/south & east/west direction.  If you pick up contaminants in the clay, simply fold it over to a clean area and repeat the process.  Reapply lubricant as needed.
  4. When you have a smooth surface and are no longer picking up contaminants in your clay bar, you have completed the process.
  5. As a final application and to provide long-lasting protection, apply the Acrylic-Werks Polish using the complete process as shown in the general application video.

If you have any questions about this process please "contact us”.

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