Optional application procedures

Paint finishes: The clay bar process is optional, but is especially helpful for new and used vehicles and in areas near oceans (salt spray), military bases or airports (fuel dumps), areas with high winter road salt, and overspray from various sources. (See Special Instructions)

Headlamps: If headlamps are clear-coated, sanding will most likely be required. (see special instructions) Yellow or cloudy headlamps, in most cases, can use standard application procedure.

Grainy plastic or vinyl trim pieces: It may require a finger brush to work polish into crevices. (See special instructions)

Surface Application Guideline

This information is intended as a general application guideline for the surfaces listed that can be maintained or restored with the Acrylic-Wërks Polish using the basic application process. 



  • New car finishes…keeps them looking that way!
  • Oxidized finishes on older automobiles
  • All paint finishes in any condition including clear coat, base-coat, single & two stage      paint finishes, as well as multi-layered custom clear coat finishes
  • Headlamps-cloudy, yellowed, or peeling
  • Carbon-Fiber hoods and accessories
  • Fiberglass surfaces
  • Hard plastic trim (smooth or textured) such as b-pillars, bumpers, cowls, mirrors,      and door guards
  • Bug guards and wind deflectors
  • Camper shell & windows
  • Soft rubber gaskets around windows, doors, and headlamps
  • Metal wiper blades
  • Chrome or finished rims
  • Plastic convertible or Jeep-type windows, clear or smoked
  • Vinyl


  • Windscreen and cockpit or cabin windows
  • Aircraft body-all areas
  • Beacon or signal light housing
  • Soft rubber gaskets
  • Hard plastic trim items
  • Vinyl


  • All painted surfaces including custom painted areas
  • All chrome or metal finished areas
  • All soft rubber gaskets and seals
  • Headlamps
  • Rubber handle grips
  • Most tire sidewalls
  • Windshield
  • Wheels regardless of finish


  • Hull-Gel coat, fiberglass, etc.
  • Eisenglass curtains
  • Windshields or windows (clear & smoked)  
  • Mirror & housings
  • Hard rubber fenders
  • Soft rubber gaskets and seals
  • Instrument panels and covers
  • All metal accessories including S/S rails
  • Outboard motor housing
  • S/S Props
  • Vinyl seats & cushions


  • Entire fiberglass RV body (interior and exterior)
  • Headlamps, signal lights, and all light housings
  • Safe on decals and trim work
  • Aluminum and chrome extrusions & accessories
  • Rubber gaskets & seals including window and door seals
  • Hard plastic bumpers, cowlings, mirror housing
  • Windows & mirrors
  • Vinyl
  • Appliances

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